Period poverty assistance and hygiene education.

Better Life for Girls 2021

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Providing menstrual products and education

Good Neighbors works to help eliminate the stigma of menstruation in Uganda and to protect youth's rights to attend school.

Follow the story of Barbara, who had to give up on having classes for about 60 days every year after she started menstruating.


"We miss too many classes. It's not fair that we don't have the same opportunities as boys."


"After my first period, my friend tied her sweater around my waist to hide the blood stains on my skirt. I had to leave school earlier that day."





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"I didn't use a sanitary pad when I first got my period. I used an old piece of cloth my grandma gave me."

Barbara, 14 years old


My first period

Barbara's story is common in Uganda: many girls don't have access to proper menstrual products. They use dirty clothes, banana leaves, sponges... whatever they can find.

The average household income in Uganda is $10.

A pack of 7 sanitary pads costs 10% of that.

Girls end up having health issues and some even get forced into marriage because their families can't afford menstrual pads.

"We know what we're using is not hygienic but pads are too expensive for us. There's just no other option. I didn't have any alternatives either. We need to use what is available. "

Barbara's grandmother


Dignity kits

We partnered with Days for Girls to teach girls and their parents how to make washable sanitary pads that uses little water and dries quickly.

When you donate $15, you are providing a girl in Uganda with a dignity kit that includes:

- 2 pairs of underwear;

- 4 standard absorbent liners - made from 100% cotton, they go in the shields and act as the “pad”;

- 2 heavy flow liners;

- 1 standard shield - made from cotton with beautiful printed fabric to hide stains (with moisture-barrier to prevent leaks), and wings that fold around the underwear.

- 1 transport bag.

Dignity kits samples
Girls with their dignity kits
Girls with their dignity kits
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Dialogue meeting on gender based violence

Girl's Ambassador Project

Good Neighbors helps girls organize clubs, so that more women can learn about their menstrual cycle, good personal hygiene habits, health and safety.

We also support a committee about women's rights in Uganda, so that women can speak up about a variety of topics, and gain confidence in breaking cycles of shame.

Right now, 210 girls are participating in the program. It's a total of seven schools, with 30 ambassadors from each institution.


Sustainable Development Goals

Better Life for Girls strives to complete the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 3-6, 10 and 16.























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