Better Life for Girls: overcoming period poverty and providing hygiene education.

Better Life for Girls - 2021

Culture of silence

In the rural village of Méhé, Cameroon, when you menstruate, you are considered impure.

Aside from being systematically excluded from cultural and social activities, it is hard finding menstrual supplies and appropriate facilities.

Menstruation Infographic Cameroon

We are supporting Good Neighbors Cameroon to provide fact-based information about menstruation and hygiene practices. We are also working to meet the demand for reusable sanitary pads and improve access to opportunities for girls and women in Méhé.

Gender inequality persists. We can change that reality together!

Learning about feminine menstrual products with reusable pads
Learning about feminine menstrual products with reusable pads.
menstrual health campaign in cameroon
Menstrual Health Day 2021 activities in Cameroon.

End period stigma

Girls in rural Uganda still feel ashamed when they are menstruating. They feel so anxious about possible leaks, that 65% of them avoid standing up to speak during classes.

Being teased by their peers is one of the many reasons girls miss school during their periods.

1 out of 10 girls in Africa choose to stay home.

It can be hard to make up for their absence, so many girls eventually drop out. They feel powerless.

girl misses school because of her period

"We miss too many classes. It's not fair that we don't have the same opportunities as boys because we have to stay home."

girl uses leaves instead of pads
of girls in Uganda use leaves or rags instead of pads.
girl uses old rag instead of pads


The average household income in Uganda is $10.

A pack of 7 sanitary pads costs 10% of that.

Can you help girls reach their true potential?


A Dignity Kit can do a lot for a girl's self-esteem.


What's in a Dignity Kit

Created by Good Neighbors Uganda cooperatives, in a partnership with Days for Girls, the Dignity Kit has seven types of hygiene products:


  One standard and one large 100% cotton sanitary shield with wings (cover for the pads). Six washable cotton pads are added as well: four standard ones and two large "heavy-flow" pads.

  Two pairs of underwear.

  Waterproof pouch for sanitary pads (before or after use).

  Menstrual cycle tracker and booklet with useful information.


  Small towels.

  One bag that doubles as a school bag.

full Dignity Kit
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Becoming ambassadors

Aside from distributing Dignity Kits, Good Neighbors carries out many activities in Uganda.

Build separate washrooms so girls can have privacy.

Set up health rooms with counselling, painkillers, and rest area.

Educate both boys and girls on reproduction and hygiene.

Create girl's clubs to run awareness campaigns for women's rights.

Right now, 210 girls participate in our Ambassador program. So far, we work in seven schools, with 30 ambassadors from each institution.

reproductive education
Dialogue meeting on gender based violence

Better Life for Girls gifts on Goods4Causes

These awesome vendors, part of Good Neighbors & Friends, donate part of their sales to support our project.

One of them is Purdy Natural, a local wellness boutique, which created the Better Life for Girls soap exclusively for us!






















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