Provide clean water and access to proper sanitation and hygiene.

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 2021
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Why is clean water so important?

Lack of clean water and poor hygiene increase diseases. When people don't have access to basic sanitation, the problem is exacerbated by the fact that human waste is discharged into rivers without any treatment.

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4 hours to get water

For some children, this is the time it takes them to collect water for their families - water that is often contaminated.

They do this every single day.

When water comes from a tap, children can spend their time studying, playing and just being kids.

Watch the video to see what they would do in 4 hours:

Good Water Project

We make it our priority to make clean water accessible to everyone. Through education and sanitation campaigns, we also help people learn about the need for better facilities and gain abilities to maintain systems independently.


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Water tanks

Good Neighbors builds water purifying systems such as wells and water tanks.

Visit our Wishing Well Project page to learn more about the hand pump wells Good Neighbors Canada has been building for communities in Zambia.


Improved facilities

We provide adequate sanitation to avoid disease transmission and ensure proper hygiene.

Clean and safe toilets at schools allow students to focus on their education, so they do not have to go looking for a bathroom.

It also makes things easier for girls dealing with period poverty, by giving them a place to maintain menstrual hygiene and make sure their periods do not affect their school attendance.


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Hygiene training

Good Neighbors organizes programs for people to learn about how essential it is to avoid drinking water from contaminated sources, using it to cook or doing other domestic tasks.

Teaching people about what can make them sick and how to keep healthy habits is one of our priorities - we also distribute sanitary kits.


Step for Water

Over 3,300 people walked during the 2019 Step for Water at Seoul Grand Park in South Korea.

The initiative started in 2017 to draw attention to the importance od clean water.

During that day, other people can experience how hard it is to walk for 4 hours to get water.

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Provide clean water and access to proper sanitation and hygiene.

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