Assist people after natural disasters and offer crisis response.

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When disaster hits

It is hard to deal with the consequences of lost lives, and damaged structures, especially in communities that do not have proper resources to be ready for emergencies.

Emergency Relief support is put in place to quickly respond to natural disasters and overcome immediate problems, like we did after the earthquake in Haiti and a flash flooding in Laos. We also build communities's capacity to prepare.

We make sure people get the necessary help as soon as possible, and provide assistance for fast recovery.

Bushfire in Australia

Australia faced a devastating fire season from late 2019 until the worst fires in February 2020.

Good Neighbors Canada helped our neighbours with $6,000 for food relief via OzHarvest. Click here for more.

A total of $10,000 was raised for food hampers. Items were purchased from local shops, helping support local businesses and provide more nutritious food. For every dollar, $7.70 is returned to the community through reduced public health and welfare needs.


Good Neighbors Australia's members at OzHarvest

Humanitarian Aid

After forced displacement, we offer refugees immediate help, and advocate for their rights, since they cannot be sent back to their country if this puts them in danger.

Strengthening their self-reliance is a huge aspect we focus on.

Good Neighbors also assists children and their families suffering from stress and trauma.



Assist people after natural disasters and offer crisis response.