Good Neighbors & Friends

Together we can make great impact

If there is one thing our team is proud of is community outreach.

We love working with other vendors and organizations that are looking for ways to support local communities.

When you are part of Good Neighbors & Friends, you have the opportunity to:

  • Choose the cause you want to help.
  • Sell on a different platform.
  • Improve brand perception.
  • Promote employee engagement.

Friends currently on Goods4Causes  

Our Better Life for Girls campaign caught Rokhsana Purdy's attention, so much so that she created a soap bar for us and donates 50% of its sales to the cause.

The Better Life for Girls soap is Purdy Natural's lovely blend of pink kaolin clay, and essential oils of peppermint and grapefruit.

"We do a lot to help our community here at home in London, Ontario, and we loved being able to do something to help overseas in anyway we can .

Being able to supply sanitary products for girls is definitely something we wanted to be a part of. Such a small thing for us to do, yet making a massive impact for many."

Rokhsana Purdy

Better Life for Girls soap, created by Purdy Natural
Purdy Natural gives back
The Purdy Natural's team is thrilled to be involved with Better Life for Girls

While Purdy Natural was the first store to donate to Better Life for Girls, we now have other vendors like Julia Wainwright, who creates Lavender Eye Pillows, Heejin Kim, who creates Mask Lanyards, Forest City Candles, and Maria de Rodriguez, who makes Embroidered Towels.  All of them are located here in Ontario.

Visit the Good Neighbors & Friends on our online store: Goods4Causes.


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There are different ways you can contribute as a Good Neighbors & Friends partner.

Here are some ideas that might be a fit for you or your business:

  • Donate a percentage of your monthly sales.
  • Donate a fixed amount (not based on sales).
  • Donate the sales of a certain item.
  • Staff and customer fundraising.
  • Donating advertising space.
  • Offering gifts-in-kind.
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Together we can make great impact.