Wishing Well: over 950 lives changed

February 10, 2020

Three wells have been built in Zambia, thanks to a single donation of $10,000 to our Wishing Well Project last year. In one and a half years, we have built four wells in communities that didn’t have clean, readily available water.

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La Palangana's student, in El Cedro, Guatemala.

Minds in Bloom fundraiser tickets are on sale

January 24, 2020

Good Neighbors Canada is joining hands with Western University’s Faculty of Education to improve the quality of life for children, youth and families through mental health and educational support, locally and globally.

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Kids in Bangladesh

Thank you! Save a School raises over $42,5k

January 10, 2020

Save a School raised $42,553.62! A huge thank you to everyone who contributed to this cause. 200 kids will be able to have access to quality education.

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Purdy Natural gives back

Purdy Natural supports Better Life for Girls with exclusive soap bar

December 14, 2019

Purdy Natural is donating 50% of sales of three selected artisanal soap bars to Good Neighbors Canada: Smells Like Clean Spirit, Orange is the New Soap and our very own Better Life for Girls!

The bars can be found at their store and on the pop-up markets we organized to promote Goods4Causes. The soap created exclusively for us is made of pink kaolin clay and a blend of essential oils of peppermint and grapefruit.

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Students from Volunteer Ya!

Huron students raise money to sponsor a child

November 13, 2019

Students from Huron University College’s club Volunteer Ya! organized a Movember Bake Sale for Good Neighbors Canada. Huron is our official partner since 2017.

With the money raised, they have sponsored Fernando Acevedo Mateo, 11 years old, who lives in the Dominican Republic with his grandparents and two siblings. Fernando is in primary school and when he grows older, he would like to become an architect.

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Period shaming in Nepal and its toll on mental health

October 10, 2019

A tradition that kills women and children is still observed, even though it has been officially banned in Nepal. Chhaupadi is a banishment that sends girls and women to live in makeshift huts while they’re menstruating or right after giving birth. The name means “untouchable being”.

They are not allowed to enter their homes or do any regular activities, as their blood is considered impure.

Disobeying Chhaupadi spells doom for whole villages. According to Hindu beliefs, crops can die, people might get sick and water can get contaminated. The truth though is that the women are the ones who suffer and get sick because of precarious living conditions.

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Hope Letter winners

Announcing the winners of our Hope Letter 2019

October 4, 2019

We wrapped up our Hope Letter Campaign in Bangladesh and we want to send a big thank you to everyone who participated in sending hope to Mina.

And special congratulations to the winners! We evaluated all entries and picked the most inspirational letter and artwork.

Stay tuned to see her reaction receiving all the letters!

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Camp subsidy: proud mom shares her story

September 24, 2019

Camps offer fantastic learning opportunities for children but they can be quite costly.
“As a single mother, I don’t always have the time or the money to give my boys summer experiences that get their brains working. Subsidized day camp at the Children’s Museum gives them that opportunity.” – said Deborah, one of the parents in the day camp subsidy program.
Her two boys, ages 9 and 8, are avid learners who are fascinated by everything from dinosaurs to outer space. We are thrilled to hear that kids like Deborah’s boys were able to play and master new skills.
“My boys are always eager to learn. Camp at the Children’s Museum gives them the chance to explore new interests – and have fun while they’re doing it!”

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Wishing Well: a $10k single gift to clean water

August 30, 2019

Good Neighbors ambassador Soriel entertained over 400 people in his concerts in Canada. The singer performed in six venues from the 18th of August until the 25th.

Earlier this year during another Soriel concert, we had a very moving surprise: a single donation of $10,000 to our Wishing Well Project. The initiative, under the Good Water project umbrella, provides clean water in Zambia, where numerous communities suffer from remote water sources that are contaminated.

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I am NOT a bride

August 26, 2019

Women’s Equality Day in the United States marks the anniversary of a special day: when women stopped being denied the right to vote.

Before women fought for that, they had to escape coverture: by marriage, the husband and wife were one person in law. That meant women couldn’t sign legal documents, own property, obtain an education against her husband’s wishes or even keep a salary for herself.

Coverture has been abolished but gender inequality is still entrenched in several aspects: pay gaps, sexism in the workplace, gender roles in parenting and household work.

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