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Build wells in communities to provide clean water sources.

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Canada Wishing Well Project No. 4 Community using Borehole

The Wishing Well Project

Numerous communities in Zambia suffer from contaminated water sources and waterborne diseases such as Dysentery, Cholera, E. coli and even SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

In one and a half years, Good Neighbors Canada has built four wells in communities that didn’t have clean, readily available water.

Canada Wishing Well Project No.3 Village using Borehole

"We are very grateful and happy for your helping hand, as you gave us access to safe drinking water. Before the borehole, we used to drink water from a stream, sharing it with animals. Our children were constantly getting sick and missing classes, but now this is a story of the past. We would like to thank Good Neighbors Canada for the work you are doing in changing the lives of people in our vulnerable communities. "

Letter written by Mutabe Village's community members


Canada Wishing Well Project No.2 community using the borehole

Over 950 lives changed

Having a hand-pump will benefit women who had to travel great distances in search of water.

School performance and attendance should also improve, since children don’t have to help their parent fetch water.






















Build wells in communities to provide clean water sources.