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Your support in 2023

In 2022 with the help of our community, we were able to support hundreds of lives in Zambia. Thanks to your generous donations we provided two wells in Shibuyunji District, offering families access to clean water and children the opportunity to further their education.

Less than
of the planet's water is available for its 6.8 billion people*.

*"Freshwater Crisis". National Geographic. (n.d).

in 4 people lack safe drinking water.


The Wishing Well Project

Numerous communities in Zambia suffer from contaminated water sources and waterborne diseases such as Dysentery, Cholera, E. coli, and even SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).

Good Neighbors Canada has built twelve wells in different villages in the country to provide clean, readily available water.

Canada Wishing Well Project No.3 Village using Borehole

"Before the Wishing Well project helped us, we used to drink water from a stream, sharing it with animals. Our children were constantly getting sick and missing classes, but now this is a story of the past. We would like to thank Good Neighbors Canada for the work you are doing in changing the lives of people in our vulnerable communities."

Letter written by Mutabe Village's community members


Canada Wishing Well Project No.2 community using the borehole
getting water2-chp

How wells help schools

In many of the rural villages we work at in Zambia, children are the ones in charge of fetching water, so their parents can work.

These kids have to travel great distances everyday, on uneven terrain, in search of water.


On average, they walk 4 hours a day.


One of the goals of our project is to improve school performance and attendance.

We not only want to provide safe water for the community to drink, bathe, cook, brush their teeth and wash their hands.

We want these kids to just be kids and use these 4 hours to learn and play.






















Build wells in communities to provide clean water sources.

We are a Canadian registered charity (Registration Number: 72273 2922 RR0001), therefore donations are eligible for a tax receipt, issued to the donor’s email. Changes and cancellations can be made anytime. Donors have the options of creating a donor account, powered by CanadaHelps DMS, to update information online. If you prefer to speak to our team, you can reach us at 1 (833) 614-GOOD (4663).

Thank you for supporting us!