Helping children bloom by improving their learning environment.

Save a School
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La Palangana student
One of the youngest students at La Palangana Primary School, in El Cedro, Guatemala.

Education for all

Education is so much more than learning subjects at school. It is a lifelong opportunity to understand life.

But what are children learning when their own school lacks the infrastructure to provide a safe environment?

And, most importantly, what is the impact on their mental health?

Kindergarten Save a School
splintered desks and chairs at La Palangana
Broken desks and splintered desks at the school: furniture is badly damaged. School does not receive government assistance for improvements.

About La Palangana

The primary school was built on donated space, in El Cedro, Guatemala, less than 10 years ago.

There is no electricity.

Space is a luxury for its 326 students (5 to 12 years old). Groups are combined so that they can share classrooms and whiteboards.

The preschool classrooms were built by the parents with iron sheets, so leaks are common when it rains.

A high percentage of children only study until 6th grade, when they are considered ready to work.

Primary school is the only education a lot of children in Guatemala might have.

Kinder classroom (1)

Parent's efforts

Concerned parents in the community decided to come together and build two classrooms to try to accommodate more students.

They used iron sheets and some wood they collected themselves. None of them is specialized in construction, so the rooms do not get adequate light and ventilation. Materials are also in danger of falling.

Younger kids starting their academic lives suffer the most with the school's poor conditions.

Studying in these conditions can increase mental health issues for children and youth at any age.

La Palangana students

Deliver hope

Our goal is to raise $13,000 for renovations at the school. We want to buy new desks for all students, build two classrooms, provide electricity, and paint.

We want these children to have a suitable place to play, study and make good memories.

Please, support the students at La Palangana.

Their school could be like their drawings


Help children bloom by improving their learning environment.

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