haiti emergency relief

Emergency Relief

We provide food, necessities, temporary tents, sanitation facilities, and other supplies to our neighbours suffering from natural disasters like such as flood, drought, or avalanche. For example, we provided local residents with education and medical services after the earthquake in Nepal. We co-operate with UNHCR for humanitarian assistance to local refugees in Tanzania and Chad, while we establish a common market and provide vocational training for them to become economically active for a long term.


Our story of Emergency Relief Project in Haiti
After Hurricane Matthew left a disaster in Haiti, Good Neighbors has donated $100,000 as an emergency response. After the hurricane destroyed the roads and bridges, there was a fear of a secondary effect, which was the outbreak of cholera due to floods. By using the experience from 2010 Haiti earthquake, we responded quickly to the disaster and gave the victims many aids, such as foods, tents and waterproof products. We have also sent medical teams for emergency and cholera treatment. Currently, to help Haiti rebuild, we are progressing on a long-term plan to reconstruct, such as shelters and facilities to provide clean food and water.