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Giving a Gift of Healthy and Clean Everyday Life

We progress a variety of health care business plans such as improving maternal and child health care service, disease prevention and nutritional support for healthy lives of children and local residents, as well as establishing local health care buildings and supporting local health care practitioners. Also, we make safe water and sanitary facilities more accessible and educate people to have good sanitary habits, along with supporting activities of Water and Hygiene Committee. We give them a gift of healthy and clean everyday life.

Our story of Malaria in Niger
Every year, approximately 460,000 children under the age of 5 suffer and die from Malaria. Many people in Hamdallaye, a city in Niger, are among them. Especially during rainy season, there are clumps of standing water where mosquitoes lay their eggs. This leads to a number of people getting diseases and dying. We have started malaria prevention campaigns to prepare to for the rainy season. This includes introducing preventative methods and providing 650 families with insecticides, mosquito nets and malaria diagnostic kits. Also, Good Neighbors in Niger brought medical kits and medicine to local towns and treated children and townspeople suffering from a variety of symptoms.