We endeavor to ensure educational opportunities to every child in our communities by building and operating the education facilities, providing tuition, training teachers, and conducting various educational programs needed in the communities in order to improve accessibility and quality of education.

Our story of Yona School in Chad

Here in a town of Farcha Attere in Chad, Africa in 2010 where kids had to walk 2 hours to attend school. So we established Jonah School, the first-ever school built in this region for many children who are exposed to danger on their way to school.

On the first day the school opened, as many as 300 children gathered in the little classroom. Five years later, in March 2015, Jonah school had 17 graduates, and had enough space for 600 children to attend. Also, 5 more schools were established and currently, approximately 3000 children are preparing to go to school. In Chad, where the illiteracy rate reaches 95%, you can definitely see how your contribution has made a large miracle to them.