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Mina is a 9-year-old girl who works at a tobacco factory in Bangladesh and dreams of becoming a teacher.

She helps take care of her brother, Yeasin, who is 7 years old. They live with their parents, sharing a house in the slums with five other families.

She can't go to school because she spends most of her day at work to help her family with the costs of basic needs.

Let's take a closer look at a day in her life.

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The Hope Letter campaign is a Good Neighbors’ contest to stimulate global citizenship and promote education. Each year, kids write letters of support to a child in another country.

It happens in over 4,000 schools in South Korea and this year, the campaign was launched at the London Children’s Museum in June, marking the first time kids can participate in Canada.


Our Hope Letters are available at Good Neighbors Canada and the London Children's Museum for submissions until the end of August.


We will select the most inspirational letter and the most inspirational artwork.

  • Donations will be made in the winners' names:
    • $500 to our Save a School campaign in Mirpur - from both winners.
    • $250 to a charity of choice of the most inspirational letter winner.
    • $250 to a charity of choice of the most inspirational artwork winner.
  • Individual prizes: a Fujifilm Instax Mini and a surprise gift card for each winner.


Good Neighbors Canada wants to help many children like Mina get quality education. We are committed to raising C$70,000 in 7 months to improve a school in her community.

The money will go towards buying books and equipment, stationery, as well as implementing facility upgrades, providing tuition assistance and staff training.

With your help, we hope to change the lives of 200 kids in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Help us reach our goal and save a school!


August 8th at 7 pm

Good Neighbors Canada hosted a fundraiser with the very talented singer-songwriter Chad Price at the Wolf Performance Hall to help with our goal.

Guests enjoyed a reception with complimentary hors d’oeuvres before the concert and registered some fun moments with the photo booth in the silent auction room.


Mina has many responsibilities.

She needs hope to get through her long days.


Girl working at tobacco factory

Mina's father had to stop working as a rickshaw runner after he got sick.

Now, Mina and her family work 8 hours a day at the factory with no rest.

They earn about 70 cents a day.

Fine tobacco powder surrounds Mina all day long.

It makes breathing very difficult.

Can you imagine how sick she can get?


Mina handles dangerous materials to make cigarettes.

She has trouble breathing and experiences frequent stabbing headaches.

Mina is part of a night study group.

Learning is the highlight of her day.

Her days are tough.

Help send her some hope in Bangladesh.