Goods4Causes is an online store to showcase unique products from social enterprises abroad and in Canada.

Shop consciously and create positive impact in your community and the world:


Good Neighbors' "merry" cooperative sells products from communities all over the world.

From training to marketing, we support social entrepreneurs every step of the way, so that they turn their craft into life-changing opportunities.

All cooperatives under the Merrycoop umbrella are community-led, so they take ownership of their own success and contribute to local needs.

All proceeds from artisans' products go back to them.

Canadian products

Goods4Causes supports Canadian social enterprises like Y.O.U., World Tailors, and Skilled Accents.

Our Birch Tree Initiative addresses the impact of the pandemic on immigrants and refugees in Canada, which exacerbated disparities.

This project was supported with funding from the London Community Foundation - for communities experiencing higher levels of vulnerability than others.

Apply below if you are interested.

Birch Tree in the media

New vendor application form

Immigrants and refugees in Canada

If you create sustainable handmade products for sale, and would like to showcase them online at no cost, Goods4Causes might be the right place for you.

You can sell jewelry, accessories, clothing, footwear, artwork, toys, and other items (unused).

Due to COVID-19, we are unable to accept applications for food vendors and services.

If you are not an immigrant or refugee, contact us about Good Neighbors & Friends.

There is no fee to use our platform. The Birch Tree Initiative received a grant from the London Community Foundation (LCF) COVID-19 Response Fund. Have any questions? Reach out to
Cecile Klerks:

Causes we help

When you visit Goods4Causes, you will also see products that raise funds for our campaigns.

Better Life for Girls gifts help girls in Uganda gain access to sanitary pads, as well as hygiene and women's health education.

Save a School gifts help renovate a primary school in Guatemala, which has rooms made of iron sheets and no electricity.

Wishing Well gifts help us build wells in Zambia to provide clean water to vulnerable people.

See all our causes and social enterprises here.













Your generosity has the power to heal communities around the world.