Help families find stability and independence around the world.

Carry out our mission every day and make a big impact all year round.

Monthly giving is the most convenient and effective way to provide consistent help to communities.

Yona School in Chad

Seamless process

Your donation is set to happen automatically every month. You can make changes or cancel anytime.

Steady support

Ongoing donations provide peace-of-mind to families and children who depend on food relief and medical care.

Pick what fits your budget

Your gift can be spread out throughout the year, so even small affordable donations can make real long-term impact.

Why become a monthly donor?

Monthly giving allows us to put even more focus on the long-term approach.

Communities are not looking for hand-outs. They want tools to make changes that will last.

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How am I helping?

When you become a monthly donor, you are in charge of the impact you create.

You can pick one of our pillars in Health, Education, WASH (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene), Social Enterprises or Emergency Relief.

You can also support our recurring campaigns: Better Life for Girls, Save a School and Wishing Well.

Help families find stability and independence around the world.