Good Neighbors is working around the clock to protect children and their families and prevent the further spread of COVID-19.

Health fund
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Yeongdeungpo Children's Center in South Korea

Meal deliveries to homes in South Korea

Volunteers deliver meals and hygiene kits in South Korea

Mental health support for children with phone counseling and the "Health Kit for the Heart"

Actions from our HQ in South Korea

Good Neighbors has distributed 325,681 masks, 17,823 hand sanitizers and 24,572 prevention kits in South Korea since the beggining of the pandemic. Medical staff were also supported with 12,000 pieces of protective clothing.

5,969 kits with emergency daily necessities were distributed to vulnerable people so far. The focus is on local children's centers and child welfare centres, as well as low-income families.

For emotional support, Good Neighbors also offers phone counselling for children and is distributing a kit to help with mental health. It includes a mandala colouring book, clay and board games to help with stress management.

Heroes from Home

In light of COVID-19, we had to postpone our Minds in Bloom fundraiser to help renovate two classrooms at a primary school in Guatemala.

While the Save a School campaign is still ongoing, we have had to pull the brakes on making any plans to start construction, as the school is closed.

We are helping promote Good Neighbors Guatemala's initiative called Heroes from Home: a series of live concerts which are being broadcasted on Facebook to help raise funds for food supplies, water and masks.

So far they've helped over 2,500 families!

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Global assistance

Along with an emergency response to support vulnerable children and their families with food and water, we are focusing on prevention.

We disseminate information about COVID-19, distribute masks and hygiene products, and also install hand washing stations, while still working to provide clean water, medical assistance and hygiene training.

Many countries we work at have weak public health systems. Children and their families in vulnerable communities are facing severe risks since they lack clean water and cannot access basic health services.

We are working with national health authorities, the United Nations and international humanitarian societies. Good Neighbors is helping to establish a COVID-19 diagnosis system.

Leaflet distribution and awareness in Bangladesh

Sub committee at a health center in Mongolia

Educating kids and families in Mongolia

Masks and sanitizer distribuition in Mongolia

Prevention campaign in Indonesia

Hygiene kits distribuition in Vietnam

Hygiene awareness in Cambodia

Awareness in Vietnam

Take good care of one another and keep being such good neighbours.