Educating communities in Vietnam to prevent early marriage.

Child marriage prevention 2022
event about child marriage prevention
To raise awareness to the issue, several events are organized by Good Neighbors: more than 7,000 people attended awareness activities

Why early marriage still happens

Poverty and culture play a crucial part in pushing young girls and boys into marriage.

Marrying girls off is sometimes seen as a solution to reduce living costs, or as the only option to "guarantee a future" for them.

In places like Quang Binh, Vietnam, reproductive education is limited, and if a girl gets pregnant, she has no other option but to marry, no matter how old she is.

Hỗ trợ sữa và thuốc cho em Làn Thị Sán1
million women alive today married before turning 18

Marrying too ealy puts both boys and girls in a position of taking responsibilities that are far beyond their years.

million men alive today married before their 18th birthday

What it means for girls

survey and group discussion Vietnam
Group discussion at a school: involving students in learning about their rights.

From early pregnancy complications to unsafe abortions, the impact on girls is much higher.

Lack of maturity to make informed decisions, and marriage to older men are also factors that contribute to domestic violence.

These situations likely keep girls from getting an education, which perpetuates a cycle of gender inequality.

Girls end up isolated, without direction, and far from achieving their true potential.

Watch Sin Thi Lien's story to understand a bit more

Action for change

Early marriage in the region of Quang Binh is double the national rate. This is what Good Neighbors is doing for the community:

  • Prevention starts with education.

Training for teachers to implement a new sexual and reproductive health curriculum in schools. Without formal instruction, early marriage will continue to happen.

  • Awareness of children's rights.

Youth is directly involved in creating campaigns and spreading the word to their peers. In 2021, we had 84 participants brainstorm ideas to teach the community: 3 projects were selected to be implemented in their schools.

Awareness videos produced by youth in Vietnam
Students received instruction and can create their own awareness videos about child marriage.
Exhibition on child marriage
Enhancing prevention through education programs and campaigns.

Real improvements

  • Health care and counseling.

Two health care rooms were renovated to support the community. Over 120 people already benefited from health checks and pregnant girls started receiving prenatal care, supplements, nutrition, and medication.

  • Book distribution.

5,400 books about reproductive education were distributed in schools and households in 15 villages.






















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