World Refugee Day 2019: Good Neighbors Canada creates opportunities to those facing forced displacement

June 20th, 2019

world refugee day

Today is World Refugee Day, dedicated to raising awareness and recognizing the contribution refugees make to our society.

It is hard to comprehend the strain of uprooting your family to flee a war zone. Reaching safety is just the start of a long journey to belonging and finding new opportunities.

Communities that host refugees absorb large numbers of newcomers, many times with insufficient resources in areas where poverty is already high.

Good Neighbors Canada wants to celebrate the strength of refugees and acknowledge hosting communities for embracing newcomers.


Nduta refugee camp in Tanzania

Good Neighbors International (GNI), with its strategic objective of providing equal opportunities and building self-reliance to Burundian refugees and host community, launched a vocational training project in the Buffer Zone near Nduta refugee camp, in Tanzania. The camp currently accommodates 93,743 refugees.

Burundi is one of the world’s poorest countries and over a decade of war has left the country in a continuing state of instability.

The Maloregwa Vocational Training Centre was established by GNI in December 2016 in Maloregwa village of Kibondo District. This project was funded by the Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) Humanitarian Partnership Program.

The center is currently offering training in Carpentry, Joinery and Designing, and Sewing and Cloth Technology. Since beginning its operation in December 2017, 149 refugees and host community members have graduated from the center as of December, 2018.

Besides learning marketable skills together, refugees and members of the hosting communities are encouraged to build partnerships during the training.

Let's learn about their journeys, restore their dignity and help them build a better future!