I am NOT a bride

I am NOT a bride

August 26th, 2019

women's equality

Women’s Equality Day in the United States marks the anniversary of a special day: when women stopped being denied the right to vote.

Before women fought for that, they had to escape coverture: by marriage, the husband and wife were one person in law. That meant women couldn’t sign legal documents, own property, obtain an education against her husband’s wishes or even keep a salary for herself.

Coverture has been abolished but gender inequality is still entrenched in several aspects: pay gaps, sexism in the workplace, gender roles in parenting and household work.

In countries that don’t have proper child-protection systems, early marriage is a common issue that hinders girl’s education and exposes them to domestic violence and early pregnancy, which puts their health at risk.

That is why it is fundamental to teach communities to support girls and invest in education. Our Save a School campaign aims to rebuild a school in Mirpur, Bangladesh, ease the financial burden by covering tuition and fight for child protection laws in the country, as well as legal enforcement of marriage age.

Take action through our Save a School campaign.