Wishing Well: over 950 lives changed

February 10, 2020

Project 3 - Mutebe village: "drinking unsafe water and missing classes is a thing of the past"

Three wells have been built in Zambia, thanks to a single donation of $10,000 to our Wishing Well Project last year. In one and a half years, we have built four wells in communities that didn’t have clean, readily available water. Click here to read the story of the very first one!

Now, 957 people from 3 different villages will have a safer source of water. This will help prevent diseases like cholera and diarrhea and improve the overall health of the communities.

Having a hand-pump will benefit women who had to travel great distances in search of water. School performance and attendance should also improve, since children don’t have to help their parent fetch water.

Project 2 - Samson village
Project 2 - Samson village

Project 2 - Samson village

Samson village is a rural community in Nyimba, where 207 people live. They are mainly farmers and charcoal burners and almost 80% of the population lacked access to clean water.

The community had no other alternative but to fetch it from a 6.6-meter-deep spring far away. Women and children had to climb down to get water and many times they would hurt themselves or not manage to do it at all.  Even if they did it, the water was dirty and unsafe for consumption.


Project 3 - Mutebe village

Mutebe is one of the rural villages in Mumbwa, where the majority of people are still drawing water from ponds and streams in surrounding areas.

Children had to drop out of school, miss classes or be late because they needed to help their parents fetch water. Their performance was greatly affected as they came to school very tired and could not concentrate.


Project 4 - Mutebe village

Miyoba Primary School is in one of the rural villages in Chiwena. The borehole is not only used by students but also people in the surrounding areas.

Installing it near a school is a way to regulate use and guarantee access to more people, as it is a public place that cannot be restricted.


Project 4 – Miyoba Primary School
Project 4 – Miyoba Primary School