Why do millions of people desperately need water in Zambia?

Why do millions of people desperately need water in Zambia?

September 17, 2021

children carrying water home
Children missing school to bring water home is a common sight in Zambia. Picture: © Good Neighbors

Zambia has a dry season that runs from late April to mid-November. Being heavily agriculture-dependent, the country relies on the ability to produce enough food during the rainy season to last the rest of the year.


In rural areas, people tend to migrate with their livestock to have better access to water. This is why boreholes are so important: they are a sigh of relief in areas affected by drought.


Without wells, it is very common that children are the ones to walk long distances, often barefoot under the scalding sun, to collect untreated water from streams.


children get water from stream


Pollution from mining affects the quality of water, which is also shared with animals. If that wasn’t enough, there are still people who do not have another option but to practice open defecation.


We all need water to drink, bathe, cook, clean, wash our hands, flush… Water is life!


The lack of adequate sanitation and clean water increases the cases of infections and stunting, contributing to the country’s high rates of school dropouts and mortality.

 Only 31% of the population uses basic sanitation services – 19% in rural areas. As for basic drinking water services, 64% have access to it – and that number drops to 49% in rural areas. (UNICEF/WHO – 2017).


We can do something to bring safe potable water to our neighbours in Zambia.


Our next event is a fundraiser for our Wishing Well project for clean water in Zambia. So far, we have raised about half the cost of one well.


Our goal is to raise $10,000 to build three much-needed wells this year.


With the help of sponsors and supporters, we have put together a very special kit for every participant who registers for our Pumpkin Spice Virtual 5K, happening during the whole month of October.


You can sign up as a team, or individually, create your own fundraising page, or donate to the project. Please share this message with your friends and family members. The more people know they can do their share to change this reality, the closer we are to providing water to people in need.


We can walk for water so kids in Zambia don’t have to!