Girls supporting girls: school in Vancouver fundraises for menstrual products

February 8, 2021

Vancouver fundraiser for Better Life for Girls

This awesome group of students from Lord Byng Secondary School in Vancouver, BC promoted a virtual raffle ticket fundraiser for our Better Life for Girls campaign in Uganda.

Winners received gift baskets during the holidays (with a mug, hot chocolate mix and a $15 gift card). They managed to raise $1350!

The girls, from grades 8-12, are part of the Girls Will Stay Initiative, formed in 2018. They want to support our mission of eliminating the stigma of menstruation and protecting youth's rights to attend school.

We were so impressed by their initiative and dedication to help girls stay educated, healthy, and sheltered.

The whole team at Good Neighbors Canada wants to thank each one of the girls for being true ambassadors for girls’ rights!