Wishing Well: a $10k single gift to clean water

August 30th, 2019

Kids celebrating clean water in their community a few years ago in Zambia
Kids celebrating clean water in their community a few years ago in Zambia

Good Neighbors ambassador Soriel entertained over 400 people in his concerts in Canada. The singer performed in six venues from the 18th of August until the 25th.


Besides enjoying his songs, guests learned more about Good Neighbors Canada and we now welcome 45 new regular donors! Thank you Soriel and thank you all for your support. We would also show our appreciation to all one-time donations to different causes that amounted to about $1,445. 


The Wishing Well Project: building wells in Zambia

Earlier this year during another Soriel concert, we had a very moving surprise: a single donation of $10,000 to our Wishing Well Project. The initiative, under the Good Water project umbrella, provides clean water in Zambia, where numerous communities suffer from remote water sources that are contaminated.


Each well costs about $3,000, including assessment, construction and maintenance. Imagine how amazing it was to see the project receive such a generous donation that would fund three more wells. Construction is currently underway.


10 years saving for clean water

“I thought I would only be helping build one well”, said the donor, who wishes to remain anonymous. “I am so pleased I’ll be helping more people!”


Caring and persevering, our donor has made several donations to different organizations over the years, including a substantial amount to the Sagamok Anishnawbek First Nation. “I believe that sharing love multiplies and I want to help people in need as much as I can. ” 


She recalls watching TV one day and learning about the number of people suffering from various diseases because of unsafe water. She felt such compassion that she started to put money aside for the cause. She saved for 10 years, until she was moved by Good Neighbors’ mission and Soriel. 


“You can save as little as $ 10 a month and mobilize others to do the same”. She tells us she has experienced many trials in life but didn’t let that affect her, including having cared for an ill family member for over 15 years. She likes to cook for friends who are in poor health. It can be physically hard for a woman in her mid-70s, but she gets strength in knowing she is helping others. “Elderly people can do big things”.


“I believe the universe is one big family and we need to assist those in need. We should also be a good example for future generations. Sometimes, when we’re feeling low, we make ourselves feel better by traveling or shopping. That, however, is temporary. Giving is not.”

Good Neighbors Canada's first well was built last year
Good Neighbors Canada's first well was built last year