Haiti earthquake 2021

Emergency Relief after the earthquake in Haiti

On August 14, a 7.2-magnitude earthquake hit the Nippes Department of Haiti, in the southwestern part of the country. Almost 500,000 people are vulnerable. Your gift supports our relief efforts after the disaster. Donate today.

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COVID-19: helping vulnerable people in India

Good Neighbors has been mobilizing the community in India for vaccination drives, while distributing groceries, and PPE kits with masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves. Screening camps have also been organized to teach people about hygiene and prevention.

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COVID-19: $23,105.91 raised for food relief!

Thanks to our supporters, we helped feed our community in London, ON during the worst time of the pandemic. Our amazing donors gave assistance to: Mission Service shelters, the London Food Bank, and Meals on Wheels’ clients – with meals prepared by Youth Opportunities Unlimited (pictured above, before quarantine). This is what we call local love!

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The Great Canadian Giving Challenge: over $1,000 donated!

We would like to thank you all one more time for participating in the Great Canadian Giving Challenge 2020.

Even though we didn’t win the grand prize of $20,000, your donations in June through the campaign reached a total of $1,250.40 to different projects and campaigns!

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What do you know about food safety?

Although we often take food safety for granted, this is also an issue in developed countries. People just normally do not think about it unless they get food poisoning.

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