10,000 masks donated to Jane-Finch Community

October 29, 2020

Masks were handed out to the Black Creek Community Health Centre at Sheridan Mall. (Photo: Maria Garcia)

For today's Throwback Thrusday we went all the way back to July 30, when Good Neighbors Canada donated 10,000 masks to the Jane and Finch Community in Toronto, one of the areas where COVID-19 hit the hardest.

Income, housing and employment are key factors in neighbourhoods that show a high number of cases. In Glenfield-Jane, “almost 60% of residents describe themselves as immigrants, and 77% as visible minorities”, according to The Local, an independent magazine.

The CBC reported that lower-income neighbourhoods with a higher percentage of immigrants and people of colour were most affected during this pandemic.

The initiative

The 10,000 masks were purchased through a Good Neighbors fundraiser with Korean churches.

Good Neighbors Canada joined efforts with Sea Mission for distribution. They have been working in the Jane-Finch area for years.

The pledge was for 100,000 masks, delivered to 18 organizations, including food banks and charities serving in the neighbourhood.

50,000 masks were donated to the Black Creek Community Health Centre. Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP) Tom Rakocevic helped facilitate the give away.

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