Deliver your hope! Hope Letter Campaign in TMS

Joshua is an ordinary boy who likes to go to school. His dream is to become a great chef, but he had an accident and hurt his spine badly. Now, it's hard for him even to stand still, but a medical care is something Joshua can hardly dream of...

Good Neighbors' Hope Letter Campaign is done every year over 4,000 schools in Korea, along with a global education program to teach our young generation about our global community. Our goal is to deliver hope to children in the world like Joshua, and encourage children in our countries to join in the cause to become good neighbours.

Good Neighbors Canada is pleased to partner with Toronto Montessori School(TMS) to launch our first Hope Letter Campaign in Canada. Students at Elgin Mills Campus (Grade 7-12) will be writing their Hope Letters to Joshua to deliver their encouraging message. Three selected contestant winners will have a chance to visit Guatemala and volunteer for the local residents, along with their parent or guardian.

It is not only our way to deliver hope to our neighbours around the world, but to let our children be aware of our global issues. Watching just a simple clip about this boy around their age and realizing how different his life is, regardless of his choice, has been really impacting our new generation to open their eyes on our global society. Our vision is that through this campaign and a volunteer trip associated with them, more people will join our cause to make the world a better place for everyone.

There will soon be a full clip of Joshua on the website. Stay tuned also for the upcoming Guatemala volunteer trip! Volunteers will visit a chicken farm in Guatemala along with our students and their parents from TMS. Deliver your hope message now with Good Neighbors Canada!