Good Members Day

Thank You, for Being Good Neighbours!

To thank our donors supporting our neighbours, we hosted our first Good Members Day at Centre for Social Innovation in Toronto. Donors and their friends were able to once again hear what Good Neighbors Canada is doing to make a good change for the world. Also, they were introduced with specific on-going projects that they are supporting such as Wishing Well Project to make a hand-pump well in Zambia.

Up for a Good Coffee? How about our Good Coffee?!

We also got a chance to taste an amazing coffee, delivered directly from the Dominican Republic coffee farm. Thanks to your support with the Income Generation Project, farmers were able to cultivate coffee beans and make a living out of it. For those who donated on that day, we gave a coffee bean pack as a special thanks! Along with a great coffee, there was a lot of Korean food for our donors and local neighbours who were enjoying other events at the CSI. If you have missed this opportunity, please join us next time for this great event!


VR Time

On that day, we got a feedback that this was not only an event for donors, but it was meaningful for children. They were having a good time (I really mean it...) with our VR box playing a video of field countries. Indirectly, they were able to experience different environment that they are living in and how the actual hand-pump well looks like. There was a little competition to try this, but thankfully everyone had a chance to try it :). If you have a VR device at home, try it with our VR video posted on Youtube by searching 'Good Neighbors VR'.

Finally, we took pictures together at the photo-zone to remember this precious day. Everyone left a note on our hope tree, leaving a message to encourage our neighbors in different countries. As I said, many of our new donors were very interested to see how this is changing their children, not just those children in field countries. They asked if we can do more to educate our children to learn more about how they are living in a very different home from those in other countries. We are soon hoping to have an event at local schools for children to participate in leaving messages to the children in the Dominican Republic.