Good Neighbors supports victims of domestic abuse

Good Neighbors supports victims of domestic abuse

July 13, 2020

Photo by Sydney Sims
Photo by Sydney Sims

With families in lockdown for months, there has been an alarming increase in abuse reports. Violence does not come only in the physical form.

Restricting contact with friends and family members is another way for the abuser to be in control in a relationship.

Our neighbours in the United States, who are suffering from the number of COVID-19 cases (3,353,348 confirmed to date, according to Johns Hopkins), also suffer from domestic abuse statistics.

One in four women and one in seven men face physical violence by a partner at some point in their lifetimes, as reported by The Guardian.


Good Neighbors USA shelter

In Los Angeles, there are over 10,000 unsheltered homeless women and children. Some evidence suggests that there are more domestic violence victims per capita in California than the national average.

The city is home to Good Neighbors USA's women and children shelter. They help an average of 30 to 35 people per month.

They are looking at adding individual, group, and peer counseling as a service, through a Marriage Family Therapist (M.F.T) one to two days a week.

Good Neighbors helps clients find permanent housing and enroll children in school; assists with education, vocational training placement, as well as budgets and opening bank accounts.

California needs to make a greater commitment to helping women in crisis, and we hope that Good Neighbors can contribute to that change.