Food kits for 6,900 homes in Afghanistan

Food kits for 6,900 homes in Afghanistan

March 21, 2022


Good Neighbors International is working on humanitarian aid in Afghanistan, a country that has been suffering from a long and brutal war. Chronic poverty, COVID-19, and the recent government collapse have negatively contributed to the situation in the area.

Around 24 million people are in need of assistance. Half of the country's population is projected to have food insecurity.

Good Neighbors has planned to distribute food kits to 6,900 homes in Kabul, Kunar, and Kapisa. The first batch, in Kabul, was for 900 households.

The food items included in the kits (rice, flour, cooking oil) will help ease the economic burden for at least a month or two.

Next distributions will continue to focus on the neediest people, to help families like Ghulam Ali's (54), who lost eyesight during the war.

Father of 5 children, his family's monthly income of 4,000 Afghani (about $57) is not enough to feed 7 people and pay rent. "My house was surveyed 3 times in the past 5 months by various organizations, but this is the first time I could collect food".