Our donation of hand sanitizers and paper towels

May 27, 2020

Hyang Cho and Chad Callander in front of Meals on Wheels London
Hyang Cho and Chad Callander in front of Meals on Wheels London

This Tuesday, Good Neighbors Canada was able to further support our community in London, Ontario.

We have received a donation from Canadian Tire of three 20L pails of hand sanitizer and twelve units of paper towels (6-packs). Knowing that the elderly population is the most affected by COVID-19, we reached out to our community partner, Meals on Wheels to offer the much-needed supplies.

Our Executive Director (ED), Hyang Cho, delivered the products to Meals on Wheels yesterday, meeting with their ED, Chad Callander.

"When this all started, we were sent scrambling to deal with an increased demand and changes to our service. Good Neighbors Canada was there immediately and has continued to be there for us throughout this crisis. The mission of Good Neighbors Canada is empowering people, transforming communities. We know that this mission is ongoing, but we can say without a doubt that your support of our organization is truly fulfilling that mission." - said Chad Callander.

We are truly glad to be helping Meals on Wheels and their clients during this difficult time. We need more people to care for seniors and people with disabilities who are in need.

Thank you for your support in making better communities locally and globally.

If you are in a position to contribute, please donate to our COVID-19 Relif campaign. We assist not only Meals on Wheels, but also Mission Services of London and the London Food Bank.

We will get through this together.