COVID-19: our global response and agreement with the UN

COVID-19: our global response and agreement with the UN

April 13, 2020

Good Neighbors Myanmar's agreement with the UN
Good Neighbors Myanmar's agreement with the UN

As an international humanitarian and development NGO, Good Neighbors is scaling up its activities to prevent further spreads of the epidemic in 45 countries.

Test kits in Myanmar

At the end of March, Good Neighbors Myanmar signed a COVID-19 emergency response agreement with the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS).

Over $987,000 will be destined to support COVID-19 test kits to diagnose 15,000 people. The project will also focus on health and sanitation for 30,000 families.

Global response

We have been providing hygiene products and teaching communities about COVID-19, specifically how to prevent it and what to do if one contracts it. In Bangladesh, for example, they are trying to help with sanitize buses in order to maintain the service operational.

In the early stages, 76,000 emergency medical supplies were delivered to Hubei, China by GN Korea, GN USA, GN Japan and GN Taiwan.

Korea launched a $1.8 million emergency response project to support vulnerable children and families, delivering meals and PPE.

We are working with health authorities, the United Nations (UN) and other humanitarian agencies to make sure no one is left behind.

Health needs help

We are very concerned because many of the countries we work in have weak public health systems. People in vulnerable communities are facing severe risks since they lack clean water and even soap to wash their hands, meaning they can’t even do the first step to prevent COVID-19.

Good Neighbors is working around the clock to protect children and their families. If you wish to contribute to our Health fund, please click here to donate. You can help with any amount.