COVID-19 Food Relief: joining forces to triple reach

May 7, 2020

The most rewarding aspect of working for a non-profit is the impact you see. For our team, collaborating with other organizations is never seen as a risk. Good Neighbors Canada always looks for opportunities to multiply the results of our work.

When we read the news about people queuing to stock up on food, we immediately thought about focusing our efforts on those who cannot feed themselves. Food insecurity is becoming one of the biggest problems for the vulnerable population during this pandemic.

Acknowledging the fact that we do not have a food program in Canada yet, as Good Neighbors has abroad, we have selected to assist Meals on Wheels London, Mission Services of London and the London Food Bank’s efforts.


Real help in London

Meals on Wheels has been doing an extraordinary job. They were able to deliver 17,000 meals over the past 7 weeks to almost 800 seniors, more than 1,500 breakfasts and 88 food bank packages to low-income clients. They also put in well over 30 hours of calls in their wellness check for those who might be in distress.

For Mission Services, $25 represent 8 nutritious meals. Donations they receive enable meal preparation, the purchase of ingredients, take-out containers and grocery store gift cards.

A $25 donation to the London Food Bank can help feed a person for a week (emergency food). Demonstrating how caring our community is, the London Food Bank got 188,696 pounds of food this Spring, an impressive amount that is three times more than last year.

Good Neighbors Canada is happy to collaborate with them!