Benefit Concert with Chad Price

August 16th, 2018

It was the night of August 11th at the Innovation Works, where Good Neighbors Canada was first established in London. Chad Price, our first celebrity ambassador, has performed his first performance at the Benefit Concert in support of our latest campaign, Better Life for Girls.


Thanks to our sponsors,  it was more than just a concert. Our guests joined in our good cause to support young girls in Uganda, and they had a chance to win $25 gift card to The KEG, David's Tea set, our hand-made Mongolian Cashmere (part of our income generation project to support farmers in Mongolia) and last but not least, Chad's CD (and of course, our online giveaway event for the $50 gift card to The Cheesecake Factory until September 1st, which you can check out more here), all thanks to our sponsors in support of Better Life for Girls.


We hope that, through this event, our guests have learned the awesomeness of Chad, as well as our cause to support our global neighbours. A good change begins with being attentive to the issue, and it could be as easy as coming to the benefit concert to enjoy great music. We look forward to having another great concert with Chad, and stay tuned for more!