Opening up dialogue in Cameroon

Good Neighbors carried out new activities in Mehe to train the community (women and men, girls and boys) on reproductive health, and meet the demand for low-cost reusable pads. 89.7% of the women said pads are not affordable where they live.

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Forest City Film Festival

Free hand sanitizer distribution continues

Through a project that started in July, after a huge donation from Greeniche Natural Health Inc., we continue to see the results of the distribution of hand sanitizers in our community and abroad.

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Underwear donation in Vietnam

A generous donation of 1,200 pairs of underwear

Clean underwear is an item that is many times overlooked when it comes to donations. Mr. Jinki Min and his wife Jungmin Choi wanted to make a difference: their donation of 1,200 pairs of underwear helped about 300 girls in Vietnam.

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