Underwear donation in Vietnam

A generous donation of 1,200 pairs of underwear

Clean underwear is an item that is many times overlooked when it comes to donations. Mr. Jinki Min and his wife Jungmin Choi wanted to make a difference: their donation of 1,200 pairs of underwear helped about 300 girls in Vietnam.

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girl in uganda with sanitary pad

Girls can do EVERYTHING!

Every day, girls all over the world miss school because of their menstruation. They need knowledge and support to understand their bodies and how to deal with symptoms. We believe that access to menstrual products is a right. Who thinks girls can do anything?

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COVID-19: helping vulnerable people in India

Good Neighbors has been mobilizing the community in India for vaccination drives, while distributing groceries, and PPE kits with masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves. Screening camps have also been organized to teach people about hygiene and prevention.

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