Cashmere project: Fanshawe designs for MERRYCOOP

Cashmere project: Fanshawe designs for MERRYCOOP

February 28, 2020

This Friday, our Good Neighbors Canada team visited Fanshawe College to watch students presentations with suggestions for our cashmere project in Mongolia.

Earlier this month, Wendy Sperry, Fashion Marketing and Management professor, welcome us into her classroom to talk about MERRYCOOP.

Our "merry" cooperative sells handmade products and reinvests proceeds into communities, funding income-generating initiatives like new training, facilities and materials.

The students came up with designs for the Canadian market, suggesting new items like socks, infinity scarves and reversible clothing.

Currently, MERRYCOOP sells beanies, gloves, scarves and sweaters from the Tod Ilch community.

Hopefully, these ideas will help our cooperative members!

Members of MERRYCOOP in Mongolia who are involved in the cashmere project