One of our wishes is to bring water for our neighbours

One of our wishes is to bring water for our neighbours

March 14th, 2019


March 2019 marks the second anniversary of Good Neighbors Canada. It is a small milestone for us but a huge stepping stone to achieving our goals to promote sustainable development.

Today we want to celebrate our staff, our volunteers and most of all you, donors and supporters, for your contribution. Thank you!

At Good Neighbors Canada, 100% of your money goes directly to fund our projects.

This year we have already raised $10 thousand for the Wishing Well Project. That means with one single donation, we can build three wells that will bring clean water for entire communities.

Bringing water sources to communities is one of our priorities. Unsafe water can lead to outbreaks of diseases, as well as keep children out of school and parents out of work.

We have been working hard to change lives.

The organization had been around for almost 30 years internationally. We build water purifying facilities, wells and water tanks. Educating people so they can independently take care of the facilities is also fundamental (read about our first Wishing Well Project in Zambia).

For more people to have access to potable water, we need your help.

So, if we need to make one wish, we want to continuously help our neighbours.

Celebrate our anniversary with us, please donate now.