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With your help, Good Neighbors will be able to provide the girls and young women participating in this program with safe spaces for sharing and learning. Educational workshops will be designed and customized according to their age and needs. Girls from vulnerable communities will have access to sexual and reproductive health talks and training, while also receiving dignity kits tailored towards the local needs in Tacuba communities. 




The empowerment project will be delivered in Tacuba, a rural city that is classified as “a municipality of expreme high poverty.”


The goal of this project is to enable girls to dream about a sustainable future for themselves outside of the cycle of poverty where they can be agents of change in their environment.

" In El Salvador, rural women are often seen only as homemakers. " 


In reality...


These women are agricultural producers, educators, organizers of their communities, and fighters for the future of their children.

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By 2018 only 10% of farmland owners were women. Many of them are forced to work on land that is borrowed or rented, instead.


86% of women in Tacuba contribute to the total care work in a household


Gender discrmination in El Salvador is deeply rooted in cultural and educational factors. Such discrimination often violates the rights of women, girls, and those who do not identify with the dominant, traditional models of masculinity and femininity.

Access to education is limited for girls in Tacuba


Many girls and adolescents are forced to drop out of school to dedicate themselves to household activities.


Young women are at a disadvantage when seeking job or entrepreneurship opportunities and skill development. They also do not have access to sexual and reproductive health education, which can reduce problems such as unsafe and unprotected sex, and early pregnancies.

Only 1 in 5 girls attends school in rural Tacuba, El Salvador

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Girls Empower Program: Information Session

It is necessary that girls living in rural areas be empowered to have full autonomy to guarantee their well-being. To achieve this, education and access to knowledge resources are needed from an early age.


Good Neighbors will empower girls aged 10 to 18 using an integrated approach...


Based on 3 crucial factors:



Gender and sexual / reproductive health


1.  Girls Clubs


Empower girl-child rights through safe, supportive, and peaceful spaces.

2. Sexual & reproductive health info & services


Help girls transition to adulthood, recognize their bodies, accept their changes, protect themselves from situations of violence.

3. Education, skill-building & talent discovery

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Guarantee better opportunities for girls and young women.

With thanks to the Canadian Embassy in El Salvador for their support through the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives.

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